Welcome at Ton in Ton!

boost at night
In our small Workshop we are producing percussions and flutes.

Davul, soldier-drums, frame-drums,
ocarina, bone-flutes, chalumeaux

To that we are writing songbooks and instructions.

Further we are offering selected instruments from other producers.

bagpipes, stringinstruments, bells, gongs, chimes, unique instruments.



For the next time we will not show our instruments like this.

But you can visit our virtual boost. Have fun with ist!



Ton in Ton - onlineshop

Now the instruments of Ton in Ton in our Onlineshop

For a fast and comfortable order of the instruments we have build an onlineshop.

Actually, there are not all instruments in the shop, but we are still in work.

chinese wind-instruments

New in stock: chinese wind-instruments: Hulusi, Dizi, Xiao, Bawu



The Mandola is a depper and larger variant of the mandoline, it is similar de cister or irish bouzouki