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calender, on tour with our market stall

on tour

We usually present our musical instruments at music festivals and medieval also historical festivals, not only in germany, in the summertime.

We try to keep this page up to date, but changes at short notice can always occur.

Also you can isit us at our virtual stall

calender, on tour with our market stall 2023 

Stand 19.1.2023

  • Märkte 2023


images from our market stall


Unsere Empfehlung

sound frog and owl flute


These frogs are carved out of hard wood and have a hollow body. By rubbing the wooden stick over the jagged ridge on the frog's back one can make the frog croak.
three sizes are available: ca. 5 cm, 10 cm and 15 cm

The Owls are made from the same wood as a pipe. Blowing in the top of the head makes a sound like an owl. different sizes make different sounds like small or large owls.

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Unsere Empfehlung

soft sticks

Material covered ends

This drumstick is covered in soft material and is available in 2 sizes;
as used with a Chinese tam-tam.

Felt drumstick

It has a bamboo handle and is designed for use with the shamane drum, but is also suitable for use with most other drums too.

cork sticks

Bamboo handle with a cork end covered in felt. They are harder than the felt drumsticks but softer than a wooden drumstick.

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Unsere Empfehlung


Another form of the jews harp comes from Vietnam. Made from pure brass and especial slim.
Each one comes with a case from bamboo for security on travelling.
We offer them in small (light sound) and large (dark sound), and with a double tongue

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