How to order

There are three ways, how you can order at us:

  • per onlineshop
  • the contactformular
  • or you send us an Email at

    Ofcourse also you can order per phone +49 (0)4770 - 808242

For an order we need
the name and the quantity.
Please don't forget the delivery-adress!

After your order we will send an invoice in advance for transferation of money per email as a pdf-file.

When the transferation is confirmed we will send the instrument.

At a following order we will send the good directly at the order.

In this case we send an invoice for transfaration within 14 days with the goods.

In time when the delivery is on the way we will send you a notice.


Unsere Empfehlung


Quena is the name of the noch flute of south america

This flutes don't have a mouthpiece like a recorder, but just a noch on the top, where you play. It is a little bit like playing a traversflute and so the sound is similar.

The fingering is traditional with six holes.

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Unsere Empfehlung

Tin Whistle

Die traditionelle Flöte aus Irland
Zur Zeit der Industrialisierung entstanden in England und Irland einfache Flöten aus Blech, die in großer Stückzahl hergestellt wurden und deshalb auch für die einfache Bevölkerung erschwinglich waren. Daher bekamen sie auch den Namen Penny-whistle.

Wir bieten die Tin-whistle der Firma Clarke an, welche aus Blech gefertigt ist und einen Holzpflock als Mundstück hat.
Durch den weiten Windkanal entsteht ein etwas rauchiger Ton.
Sie ist schwarz lackiert und in "C" oder "D" Stimmung erhältlich.

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Unsere Empfehlung

Hapi drum slim

The Hapi slim is very popular in the tuning A minor. In this key it has a very balanced sound. Also, the key of A minor fits well with medieval and traditional music.

A little lower is the tuning in F major. The major pentatonic seems a bit more cheerful than the melancholic minor pentatonic.

A minor A - C - D - E - G - A - C - D

F major F - G - A - C - D - F - G - A

Each hapi comes with two mallets and a bag

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