How to order

There are three ways, how you can order at us:

  • per onlineshop
  • the contactformular
  • or you send us an Email at

    Ofcourse also you can order per phone +49 (0)4770 - 808242

For an order we need
the name and the quantity.
Please don't forget the delivery-adress!

After your order we will send an invoice in advance for transferation of money per email as a pdf-file.

When the transferation is confirmed we will send the instrument.

At a following order we will send the good directly at the order.

In this case we send an invoice for transfaration within 14 days with the goods.

In time when the delivery is on the way we will send you a notice.


Unsere Empfehlung

Jew's harp

This jews harps come from a small family manufactur in austria. Now the new style of jew harp is easier to play and learn.

Three sizes are available. The large jew harp has a deeper sound than the small.

Every jew harp is with instruction how to play.

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Unsere Empfehlung

Practice Chanter

The term stands for a chanter, a learning tool for the bagpipes.
From the pattern the chanter conforms to the chanter of a bagpipe, but the sound is more quiet, so you can practice at home and in small rooms.
Otherwise it corresponds to the sound and the playing a bagpipe.
So you can practice especially fingerings, ornaments and new tunes.

Practice Chanter for the scottish bagpipe

The fingering is like the Scottish bagpipes one half covered (see fingering chart).
It is made of hardwood and available with either wood or plastic mouthpiece.
The plastic reed is always easy to handle and thus also for the beginner.
A simple inexpensive instrument for the first contact to a bagpipe.
fingering for the scottish chanter
Available we have the Chanter with the top of plastic or from wood.

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Unsere Empfehlung

Weepipe - medieval smallpipe

The weepipe is made in the same workshop like the Medieval-chanter and is compatible to it. Even it is the quiet Medieval-bagpipe.
Like the noisy Medieval-bagpipes tuned in a-flat.
The pipes are made from black plastic, the bag is leather.
If you just have the Medieval-chanter, and you want to learn now to play the bagpipe, so the bagpipe is available without the chanter.

We also offer the "Sackpfeifenfibel", a practice book for this bagpipe.

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