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There are three ways, how you can order at us:

  • per onlineshop
  • the contactformular
  • or you send us an Email at

    Ofcourse also you can order per phone +49 (0)4770 - 808242

For an order we need
the name and the quantity.
Please don't forget the delivery-adress!

After your order we will send an invoice in advance for transferation of money per email as a pdf-file.

When the transferation is confirmed we will send the instrument.

At a following order we will send the good directly at the order.

In this case we send an invoice for transfaration within 14 days with the goods.

In time when the delivery is on the way we will send you a notice.


Unsere Empfehlung

medieval chanter

The Medieval Chanter, as a practice tool for medieval bagpipes
The fingering of the medieval bagpipe is ?ike a recorder.
This instrument is carefully made from black hard plastic and easy to play on the plastic reed.
The key is in line with the medieval bagpipes in A minor. This allows for practicing the play along to recordings of famous medieval bands.

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Unsere Empfehlung


The Bawu is a traditional chinese wind-instrument

This instrument is mad efrom bamboo, the sound comes from a metal tongue. This metal tongue is like the mtongues of a mouthharp. The sound is soft humming. The notes and melodies are played by six finger holes.

To play the Bawu you keep it like a travers flute. Simple you just blow through the metal tongue. The oral cavity should be like a air-chamber, and blow even and medium strong. The technic is similar to the Hulusi . So what at the Hulusi is the gourd, here it is your mouth.

At chinese wind-instruments the tonality is signed at the third hole. That means a flute in chinese F has the deepest note C, so it plays in C-major.

We offer the Bawu in two tonalities:

  • chinese G (sol), deepest note D (d-major/e-minor)
  • chinese F(fa), deepest note C (c-major/d-minor)

The Bawu has two parts and the head is designed with chinese poems.

To the Bawu belongs a chinese luck-knot and a hardcase.

Fingering charts:

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Unsere Empfehlung

"Notenbuch zur Tonflöte" music-book for ocarina

In result of many demand for music for the ocarina, we made ourself a small music-book. It is a collection of 64 melodies from middelages and Renaissance, from easy to more difficult melodies of dances and songs, which are specially prepared for the ocarina.

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