recorder: sopranino, sopran, alt, tenor, sopranino, kindergarden flute for small children


When you think of wind instruments, the first thing that comes to mind is the flute, which usually means the recorder. The recorder with which musical life often begins at a young age, whether you like it or not. Thus, many are spoiled for the bright, sometimes very penetrating tones of the recorder and with it the instrument.

The recorder was a very popular instrument in the baroque era and so the recorder is basically indispensable for baroque music and can show its qualities here.

Even if the soprano recorder has established itself as the standard wind instrument for musical education, many other flutes are also suitable for entering the world of wind instruments.

recorder from Meinel

simple recorder C sopran for practice,

from massive Maple, made in Germany, german fingering

Cause a more narrow inner bore, the sound is a little bit muffle.

For children in preschool age, when the hands are too small for the sopran recorder, fits the Kindergartenflute, as the first flute.


school recorder Meinl melody

recorder from Schneider

recorder sopran en Do, made of massiv of maple, made in Germany, german or barock fingering.

This flutes have a very clear fine sound, even at the deep notes. They overblow easy in the second octave.

The recorder from Schneider we have in following tonalities:
Sopranino recorders in Fa (F), maple, german or barock fingering

Alt recorders in Fa (F), maple, german or barock fingering

and Tenor recorder in Do (C)

Every recorder comes with a bag, cleaner and fingering table.

sopran recorder Schneider scale

sopranino recorder Schneider scale

sopranino recorder Schneider melody


This recorder is made exspecially for small hands of children.

With this flute young childs can learn playing the flute, even when their hands are still too small for a sopran recorder.

This flute has 5 holes for the fingers, no hole for the thumb. Otherwise it has three marks. One on the top and two on the backside for the thumbs. They will give a good grip for the flute.

With this five holes you can play 6 notes of the G-dur scale, and three halfnotes. So it is possible to play various simple children-songs.

The flute is made from maple, red-coloured, with bag, cleaner and an info.

kindergarden flute


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planet chimes - Encore from Woodstock

Woodstock encore series

A set of chimes with equal tuning in different sizes and even different pitches.
Each in pentatonic tuning.
Each pitch is related to one of the planets of our solar system.

Mercury (length at all 35 cm) b - c - d - f - g

Pluto (69 cm) d - f - g - b - c - d

Earth (94 cm) D - F - G - B - C - d

They are available in two colours silver or bronze.
Mercury also in black.

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200 years ago portugues emigrants came to Hawaii.
They have their "Gitarra" with them, a small string instrument which today is played in Portugal together with the "Viola", an instrument like the spanish guitar., in Fado..
From the guitara in Hawaii developed the Ukulele.

This instrument has 4 strings.
The ancient tuning is A - D - Fis - H (Sopran)
But international now it is used to tune like G - C - E - A

We offer the ukulele in two variants:

  • simple style in black - bottom and frame from linde wood, top in Nato,
  • professional quality - massive wood, top pine, bottom and frame maple

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The tambourine is well known in many countries and is popularly used as an integral part of a dance, eg: belly dancing or Spanish flamenco. You don't however have to dance to enjoy this instrument. It is an easy-to-learn accompanying instrument.

We offer tambourins from India.
The bells of this tambourin are made from good quality metal and have a brillinat sound.
The skin is natural goat skin.
The frame is black painted.
5 different sizes from 16, 18, 20, 22 and 25 cm diameter

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