small metal bowls with light sound


Cymbals with bright sounds, made of brass and heavy cast bronze, for meditation, signal tone, for awakening, ...

Cymbals are small cast bowls. There are always two connected with a cord, which are struck together and a bright sound is heard.

Lighter brass cymbals have a rather subtle sound, while heavier bronze cymbals sound powerful and penetrating.

Cymbals are already mentioned in the Bible. In Asia they are still often used ritually for religious ceremonies.

In belly dancing, smaller cymbals are used as finger cymbals with a loop for belly dancing. Attached to the middle finger and thumb, the finger cymbals can be struck in one hand to accompany the dance.

Chime bars, or even called zenergy chimes, are similar in sound. A solid metal rod is hung freely on a wooden board. If you hit the stick with a hard mallet, you will hear a bright sound. Chime bars are available in different moods and several together as two or three chords.


heavy style made from bronze

Cast with patterns, different variants with dragon motifs or luck symbols

Various sizes, small or larger, with a diameter of 6.5 to 7.5 cm


small heavy cymbals

large heavy cymbals

finger cymbals

Between middle-finger and thumb they are played with one hand.
Well known as accompany the oriental belly dance.
with rubber loop, ca. diameter.


zenergy chimes, a free swinging massiv metal bar, makes intensiv light sound, for signal in school or kindergarden ..

we offer the sound bars in two variants

simple energy-chimes

relativ thin bars as single note, with two different notes or three notes..

The bars are hanged up in the air on a woodblock.

The singel note is tuned in Mi



The zenergy chimes have larger bars, so the sound becomes more penetrant.

The single sound bar is available in the tunings La (A) or high Mi (E).

Also as a triad with three bars


simple single sound bar

zenergy single in La

Zenrgy single in high mi

simple sound bar double

simple sound bar triple

Zenergy trio


Unsere Empfehlung

Sticks for shamane drum

We have different sticks for shamane drums:

  • Rattanstick mit felt - soft stick, deep soft sound
  • Rattanstick with rubber head, covered with leather - relativ hard stick, swinging handle with heavy head
  • Rattanstick with head from leather - medium soft stick, light handling

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Unsere Empfehlung


Aus einem Stück Schilfrohr geschnittene Flöte aus Indien. Einer traditionellen Stimmung zufolge mit nur sechs Grifflöchern versehen und damit genauso wie die Tin-whistle zu spielen. Eine gute Variante zur Tin-whistle mit etwas rauchigem und wärmerem Klang.
Vor allem die großen Flöten in tiefer Tonlage sind eine günstige Alternative zur Low-whistle.

Neben den Blockflöten gibt es die Schilfflöten in gleicher Art auch als Querflöte.

Als Block- oder Querflöte bieten wir folgende Tonarten an:
hohe Lage in g (21 cm lang), fis, f, e, dis, d (29 cm lang), cis, c (33 cm lang), h und b
tiefe Lage in a, gis, G (43 cm), F und E (54 cm).

Die tiefen Flöten ab der Stimmung G sind etwas gewöhnungsbedürftig vom Greifen her und mit kleinen Händen schwer oder gar nicht zu spielen.

Diese einfachen Flöten sind in sich recht sauber gestimmt, der Grundton kann aber bis zu einem Viertelton abweichen.

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