Tin Whistle u.ä.

reed flutes, tin whistle

Tin Whistle u.ä.

A simple recorder made of reed with 6 finger holes is common in many cultures on several continents. Whether Indonesia, India, Africa or South America, there is always a kind of recorder that corresponds to the 6-hole pattern. These flutes only have 6 finger holes and no thumb hole (the well-known school recorder has 7 finger holes and one thumb hole).

With the 6 holes all notes of an octave can be played. If you then blow a little harder into the flute, it overblows and the higher notes of the second octave sound. Thus, these flutes can usually be played over two octaves.

In contrast to the standard recorder, which can also play the intermediate tones or semitones, this is only possible to a limited extent with the 6-hole recorder. You can grasp some semitones well, so that you can play both major and minor scales with a flute and also two or three different keys. For other keys, additional flutes are needed that are tuned to a different keynote. Therefore these flutes are available in many different tunings.

Even if the 6-hole flutes have been handed down for a long time, one variant made it into a celebrity at the beginning of modern times: the Irish tin whistle. With the beginning of industrialization, the popular small flutes made of sheet metal could be mass-produced and cheaply produced. So anyone could actually afford such a flute for a penny, hence the name “Pennywhistle”, which is why it was very popular. The tin whistle is known with its high notes from traditional Irish music, in lower variants also as low whistle.


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planet chimes - Encore from Woodstock

Woodstock encore series

A set of chimes with equal tuning in different sizes and even different pitches.
Each in pentatonic tuning.
Each pitch is related to one of the planets of our solar system.

Mercury (length at all 35 cm) b - c - d - f - g

Pluto (69 cm) d - f - g - b - c - d

Earth (94 cm) D - F - G - B - C - d

They are available in two colours silver or bronze.
Mercury also in black.

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Tam Tam

The tam-tam comes from China. Hit with a hard padded stick this gong produces ist typical metallic vibrating sound.
By hitting the gong lightly and quickly the whole range of tones can be heard, right up to the highest which are 'felt' rather than heard.

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soft sticks

Material covered ends

This drumstick is covered in soft material and is available in 2 sizes;
as used with a Chinese tam-tam.

Felt drumstick

It has a bamboo handle and is designed for use with the shamane drum, but is also suitable for use with most other drums too.

cork sticks

Bamboo handle with a cork end covered in felt. They are harder than the felt drumsticks but softer than a wooden drumstick.

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