Tin Whistle u.ä.

reed flutes, tin whistle

Tin Whistle u.ä.

A simple recorder made of reed with 6 finger holes is common in many cultures on several continents. Whether Indonesia, India, Africa or South America, there is always a kind of recorder that corresponds to the 6-hole pattern. These flutes only have 6 finger holes and no thumb hole (the well-known school recorder has 7 finger holes and one thumb hole).

With the 6 holes all notes of an octave can be played. If you then blow a little harder into the flute, it overblows and the higher notes of the second octave sound. Thus, these flutes can usually be played over two octaves.

In contrast to the standard recorder, which can also play the intermediate tones or semitones, this is only possible to a limited extent with the 6-hole recorder. You can grasp some semitones well, so that you can play both major and minor scales with a flute and also two or three different keys. For other keys, additional flutes are needed that are tuned to a different keynote. Therefore these flutes are available in many different tunings.

Even if the 6-hole flutes have been handed down for a long time, one variant made it into a celebrity at the beginning of modern times: the Irish tin whistle. With the beginning of industrialization, the popular small flutes made of sheet metal could be mass-produced and cheaply produced. So anyone could actually afford such a flute for a penny, hence the name “Pennywhistle”, which is why it was very popular. The tin whistle is known with its high notes from traditional Irish music, in lower variants also as low whistle.


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recorder from Schneider

recorder sopran en Do, made of massiv of maple, made in Germany, german or barock fingering.

This flutes have a very clear fine sound, even at the deep notes. They overblow easy in the second octave.

The recorder from Schneider we have in following tonalities:
Sopranino recorders in Fa (F), maple, german or barock fingering

Alt recorders in Fa (F), maple, german or barock fingering

and Tenor recorder in Do (C)

Every recorder comes with a bag, cleaner and fingering table.

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Unsere Empfehlung


This frame drum is made from a wooden frame and a cross of leather, like the shamane drum, althought the Gong drum is covered with a thin goat skin. So it becomes a more light and vibrating sound like a gong.

We have this drum in the sizes 46 or 56 cm diameter, with or without tuning system

Every drum comes with a mallet and a bag

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