mallets for drums, gongs, singing bowls and more


different sticks or mallets, soft for gongs, with felt or leather, for shamane drumming or tipper for irish Bodhran

  • hard sticks
  • soft sticks
  • sticks for shamane drums

hard drumsticks

sticks for soldiers drums

turned thin drumsticks made out of hardwood.

drumstick for Davul

turned thick handled drumstick made out of hardwood.

simple drumstick

Made out of a wooden ball and round stick handle, these drumsticks are particularly suitable for children's drums.


Made from specially selected hardwoods (from fruit trees, olivewood etc.) these hard turned drumsticks are availabel in various lengths and shapes.

soft sticks

Material covered ends

This drumstick is covered in soft material and is available in 2 sizes;
as used with a Chinese tam-tam.

Felt drumstick

It has a bamboo handle and is designed for use with the shamane drum, but is also suitable for use with most other drums too.

cork sticks

Bamboo handle with a cork end covered in felt. They are harder than the felt drumsticks but softer than a wooden drumstick.

Sticks for shamane drum

We have different sticks for shamane drums:

  • Rattanstick mit felt - soft stick, deep soft sound
  • Rattanstick with rubber head, covered with leather - relativ hard stick, swinging handle with heavy head
  • Rattanstick with head from leather - medium soft stick, light handling


Unsere Empfehlung

Gaita de Gemec

The Gaita de Gemec is made of bubinga and comes with a leather bag. It's in Do (C) and has one drone. The sound is a little stronger than at the Gaita Gallega, and even the pressure to play is a little bit harder.

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Unsere Empfehlung

"Notenbuch zur Tonflöte" music-book for ocarina

In result of many demand for music for the ocarina, we made ourself a small music-book. It is a collection of 64 melodies from middelages and Renaissance, from easy to more difficult melodies of dances and songs, which are specially prepared for the ocarina.

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