marching drums

classic drum for parade, small drums also for children

marching drums

Known from many pictures from the Landsknecht time, marching drums are still often used in historical parades.

A tall cylinder that is covered with fur on both sides. the skins are stretched against each other via leather straps.

As a rule, only one head is played with mallets. The lower head serves as a resonance head. Sometimes a string is stretched over the resonance head, which works as a snare and thus changes the sound.
The marching drum is played with two wooden mallets, sometimes with felt mallets if a softer sound is desired.

Lighter models of the marching drum can easily be carried over the shoulder with a simple strap. Heavy drums made of solid wood like the Landsknecht drums need a sturdy shoulder strap if you want to carry them for a long time.

It is early to practice what will later become a good drummer. The small children's drums can be worn around the neck and played with 2 mallets. Suitable for children from 3 years.

children drum

small drum for children, traditional coloured red and blue, with strap for the neck and two sticks. For children from 3 years

A small drum made from wood, painted colourful and with nature skins.
The nature skin has a smooth sound and becomes even at hard beating not obtrusive.
We offer two sizes 20 cm and 25 cm in diameter
A carrying strip and two sticks are included.

marching drum

kleine leichte Trommeln im Stil einer Landsknechttromel, für Kinder geeignet, aber auch als Marschtrommel für Umzüge.

The small Soldier-drum, made solid and accurate like the large soldier drums.
The body is made from lightweight plywood and thonged with solid skins. Even specially made for children hands.
A broken skin can be changed easy. (diameter ca.22 - 27 cm, hights ca. 22 cm)

We offer this drums wooden coloured in light or dark and even painted colourful
The drums are with a carrying strap and two sticks.

In larger size, 27 cm diameter and 35 cm high, this drum is nearly like the large soldier drums.
Because the lightweight construction, this drum is easy to carry for a long time.
This drum is also offered in two coloures light or dark and colourful painted, mostly with blue and red flames.

soldier drum

We build our drums solely from natural solid woods and cow or goat skins.
Single pieces of wood are glued together to form a round body, which is then covered on each end with skin.
The skin, either freshly raw or dried and re-soaked, is stretched between an iron ring and a wooden ring. The skins, one on each end of the drum body, are then stretched towards one another and thonged togehter. The tension can be adjusted either by mears of small leather straps or wooden pegs.

If you want to see more details look to our workshop.

The wooden drums produce a warm, soft tone. The thickness of the drum skins determines the sound, which can vary from a sharp infiltrating tone to a deeply vibrating one.
Each drum comes complete with 2 hand-turned drumsticks. Some drums can be played by hand.
We recommend that you use linseedoil to take care of your drum. The drum skins can be kept soft and supple by rubbing them with talcum powder from time to time.

standard range

Larch body, 30cm dm, 42cm high
Larch body, 35 cm dm, 48 cm high


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The harmony-flutes have a mouthpiece like a recorder, but no holes for the fingers.
different notes are played by different pressure of breath.
So you can play different overnotes of the base note.
Even you can change the note by closing the tube. So you can play trills.
We offer the harmony-flutes in 4 different tunes: Fa, Re, Do and Sol.
The biggest flute in Sol with ca. 80 cm length needs a long arm..

sound example overtone flute    


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A children harp.
A simple plucked instrument, played like a zither on a table.
It has 5 written melodies, which are put under the strings.
The simple notation is easy to learn, even will play soon the melodies..
It has 2 Octaves from G to G.

inclusive a tuning key

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