singing bowls

bowls from special metal alloy, hammered or turned, large or small sizes

singing bowls

Mini singing bowls in pocket size, Zen singing bowls from Japan, twisted Tibetan singing bowls, driven singing bowls from Nepal

differnt styles of singing bowls:

Singing bowls fascinate with their varied vibrating sounds.Low and high tones are hidden in a single sound, the tone swells - becomes quieter, the overtones linger for a long time, feeling more than hearing.
While listening to this sound, body and mind relax and you are set in a liberating vibration.
This is how creative energies are released. The pure, clearly vibrating sound of the singing bowl brings the body and mind back the serenity to master the fate of everyday life.

The body can absorb the vibrations directly from the singing bowl. This has a direct effect on the body and muscles. Large singing bowls with a deep sound vibrate more in the abdominal region, small singing bowls produce more bright head tones. Hand embossed singing bowls vibrate more intensely than machine made singing bowls.

The variations of the singing bowls are great. From the mini singing bowl in pocket size to Zen singing bowls from Japan to large singing bowls for the whole body.

The shapes can also vary from flatter to higher, bellies singing bowls. The surface can be natural bronze or blackened. Sometimes patterns are engraved or cast in.

Mini singing bowl

very small singing bowl, for every time carry with you even in the trouser pocket, fine light sound

The smallest singing bowl we know.

Just 5 cm in diameter, really a tiny singing bowl.

When you beat, it sounds fine and clear.

The singing bowls comes in a Set with stick, pad and a small bag, avaiable in blue or red.

Mini singing bowl

Zen singing bowl from Japan

small zen singing bowls from Japan, made from high quality alloy, very clear sound

singing bowls from Japan with a clear, light long swinging sound.
Traditional beated with a wooden stick.
Also you can rubb at the top border.and you will get a spheric harmony sound.
This xinging bowls are used for meditations and concerts.

We have following sizes: 69, 78, 97, 119 and 134 mm diameter.
every singing bowls comes with a stick and a cushion.

Zen singing bowl 79 mm

Zen singing bowl 97 mm

Zen singing bowl 119 mm

Zen singing bowl 134 mm

tibetian singing bowl

heavy founded singing bowl, tibetian style, nice sound spheric and harmonic

The tibetian singing bowls are not embossed, but founded singing bowls.

Founded singing bowls always have a more light sound than a embossed singing bowl same size.

Cause the even found and than turned on a turning lathe, this singing bowls have an even stuctur. The soun is even swinging. Cause the heavy thick sides, this bowls starts easy to sing while rub with the stick. For this you rub with a wooden or a leather covered stick outside on the top of the bowl with even pressure and speed, that the bowl starts to swing in the harmonics.. A spharic, standing, intensiv sound.

We have tibetian singing bowls in sizes from 8 cm to 17 cm diamter. This are weights from 200 g to 1400 g.

In the outside are stylized sanskrit signes founded, in the bottom can be founded a relief of Buddha.

Every singing bowl is inclusive a pad and stick.

machine made singing bowl 350g

machine made singing bowl 250g

machine made singing bowl 700 g

singing bowl from Nepal

hand embossed singing bowls from Nepal, from 200g to 1500g, different styles, individual sounds

The hand embossed singing bowls from Nepal are in sizes from  ca. 10 upto more than 20 cm diamete.
This are weights from 200 g to 1500 g.

The singings bowls have different styles:

  • simple brass coloured
  • with ohm-sign in the bottom
  • antique style, pregnant hammer scale light dark
  • antique black with blank border

The singing bowl is inclusive a pad and a leather covered stick.

Cause this singing bowls are made by hand they are different in size, weight and sound. The example of sound are even just examples..

embossed singing bowl 200 g

embossed singing bowl 500g

embossed singing bowl 300g

embossed singing bowl 700g

embossed singing bowl 1000g


Unsere Empfehlung


Who doesn't know the dreamiful sound of the panflute.

Indio-Panflutes from Peru

Panflutes from Peru in a good quality and easy to play.

This flutes come from small craftshops in Peru and they are fair trade. This keeps the old craft-art and gives the people a small income and subsistence with old tradition.

We offer small pan flutes in 3 sizes

small: 7 pipes, ca. 14 cm (deepest note)

medium: 10 pipes, ca 15 cm

large: 13 pipes, ca. 17 cm, bowed

professionel Panflutes

We offer good quality and exactly tuned Panflutes, which are easy to play.
Even beginners learn fast to play this flutes.
This Panflutes are made in the Alpes in old traditional art.

The small Panflute has 10 notes: C - D#
The large Panflute has 15 notes: G - G

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Unsere Empfehlung


Another form of the jews harp comes from Vietnam. Made from pure brass and especial slim.
Each one comes with a case from bamboo for security on travelling.
We offer them in small (light sound) and large (dark sound), and with a double tongue

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