Guitar, Mandoline, Ukulele

string instruments with neck, traditional or extraordinary instruments

Guitar, Mandoline, Ukulele

A small travel guitar, the mandolin or mandola, or the very small ukulele - handy guitars.

We offer some smaller traditional guitar instruments.

The travel guitar, like the well-known guitar, has 6 strings that are tuned to the same tone sequence. The travel guitar can be played just like a normal guitar. But the body is smaller, more like a mandolin. The result is a smaller, more manageable guitar for on the go and traveling.

The ukulele is of course even smaller. With only 4 strings and a shorter length, it is easier to learn than the guitar. Nevertheless, the possibilities of the ukulele are versatile.

The mandolin has 8 strings, 4 strings are double occupied, so they are equally tuned. It is an open fifth tuning, so that the higher strings are usually played melodiously and the lower strings play along as the fundamental notes. But chord fingerings are of course also possible. The double choir creates its own sound, which is clearly different from the guitar. The mandola is slightly larger and in a lower pitch. The 8 strings are tuned an octave lower than on the mandolin. In terms of pitch, the mandola resembles an Irish bouzouki or a cister. The tuning is the same, but with the mandola the lower strings are doubled and not octave apart as with the Irish bouzouki.

travel guitar

A 6 string guitar with small body.
The tuning is like a guitar, even the body is smaller, so it is best for travelling.

The soft steel strings compensate for the small resonance body.

With A strong bag, to carry in Hand or at the back.



the Ukulule is a small guitar instrument, very handy and good for travelling, easy to play

200 years ago portugues emigrants came to Hawaii.
They have their "Gitarra" with them, a small string instrument which today is played in Portugal together with the "Viola", an instrument like the spanish guitar., in Fado..
From the guitara in Hawaii developed the Ukulele.

This instrument has 4 strings.
The ancient tuning is A - D - Fis - H (Sopran)
But international now it is used to tune like G - C - E - A

We offer the ukulele in two variants:

  • simple style in black - bottom and frame from linde wood, top in Nato,
  • professional quality - massive wood, top pine, bottom and frame maple


the mandoline is a small guitar instrument with 4 double strings, it is similar to the cister or irish bouzouki

A string instrument from pourtugues tradition, in portugal called "Gitarra" and played for Fado..
8 strings,2 x 4 strings.
The tuning is G - G - D - D - A - A - E - E

It is the same tuning like Cister oder Irish Bouzouki for Folk or medieval music.


The Mandola is a larger and deeper variant of the mandoline, Like the mandoline has it 4 double cordes.

The Mandola is a larger and deeper variant of the mandoline.

Like the mandolne has it 4 double strings, so at all are 8 strings, where always two are in the same tuning.

The instrument is one octave depper than the mandoline in the same tuning Sol - Re - La - Mi (G - D- A - E).

So both instruments are played the same, but the mensur of the mandola is not so narrow like at the mandoline and it has a warmer sound.

The Mandola has the same tuning and donality like a cister or an irish bouzouki. Just the deep strings are not in an octave but doubled.

The mandola comes with a bag and an accord-table.


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A children harp.
A simple plucked instrument, played like a zither on a table.
It has 5 written melodies, which are put under the strings.
The simple notation is easy to learn, even will play soon the melodies..
It has 2 Octaves from G to G.

inclusive a tuning key

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Tin Whistle

Die traditionelle Flöte aus Irland
Zur Zeit der Industrialisierung entstanden in England und Irland einfache Flöten aus Blech, die in großer Stückzahl hergestellt wurden und deshalb auch für die einfache Bevölkerung erschwinglich waren. Daher bekamen sie auch den Namen Penny-whistle.

Wir bieten die Tin-whistle der Firma Clarke an, welche aus Blech gefertigt ist und einen Holzpflock als Mundstück hat.
Durch den weiten Windkanal entsteht ein etwas rauchiger Ton.
Sie ist schwarz lackiert und in "C" oder "D" Stimmung erhältlich.

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Appalachian Dulcimer

The Apalachian Dulcimer developed in North America from the European Scheitholt or the North German Hummel and is used in folk music there.

The Appalachian Dulcimer has 4 strings. The two high strings are tuned the same, the others in a fifth to the root note.

A common mood is d - a - d '- d'

The frets are set diatonic.

Like a zither lying on the table or on the player's lap, the strings can be plucked or struck. At the neck you either grab a single string or all three at the same time with your finger or a bamboo stick. The effect of playing with a bottleneck is particularly typical, so that you can quickly slide over the strings between the frets. The fifth tuning enables open play with drone notes or chords.

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