shaman drum

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shaman drum

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The frame drum is a very original form of the drum, including the shaman's drums, but also the Irish bodhran or the oceandrum.
The oldest type of drum construction are the frame drums. With a handle, like the bodhran or the shaman's drum, it was played for festivals and religious occasions in early cultures.
The frame is usually made of wood and is relatively narrow at 5 to 8 cm. There are numerous variants in the covering, type of skin, tensioning systems or design of the handle.
As a rule, goat parchment is used as fur. This can be a thin parchment like the gong drum, or, as we like to use for ton in ton frame drums, a parchment with hair.
The handle for holding the drum can be made of stretched skin or wood. The oceandrum, a double-sided covered frame drum, has no handle. Small balls are incorporated between the skins, the sound of which mimics the sea.

With or without a tuning system?

Basically, natural parchments react to humidity. In a humid climate, the fur becomes soft and no longer holds its tension; in a hot, dry climate, the skin can be very tight. The latter is a minor problem and can be quickly corrected with a little water. However, a soft fur needs a source of heat such as a fire in order to stretch it again.
Especially outdoors you often have different climates. If you want to play a drum mainly at home in closed rooms, you hardly need a tensioning system, since the drum remains largely in a constant climate. But if you travel a lot with the drum and want to play outdoors, a tensioning system can make sense. Extreme situations are in a sweat lodge or cool summer evenings after a hot day and the moisture rises from the meadow. If you don't have a fire to warm up the drum or don't want to wait that long, a tensioning system has proven itself.

Ton in Ton - frame drum

this shamanedrum is very origin with skin with hair, handle from wood, tuneable by screws

The frame is made from glued rings of plywood. On this frame the goat skin will be sewed. This drum is tuneable by small screws in the frame. The screws press the last ring, which is not glued, against the skin. So you can stretch or release the skin.
For easy carrying, there's a handle on the back.
The drums is streched with natural skin and only shaved on the drumming space. On the frame are still hair.
Oversized skins on the borders can kept for order.


Die Trommel wird mit naturbelassnen Ziegenfellen bespannt, welche nur in der Trommelfläche rasiert werden. Am Trommelrand bleiben die Haare stehen.

Auf Wunsch kann auch überstehendes Fell belassen werden.

Ton in Ton - frame drum 40 cm

Ton in Ton - frame drum 44 cm

Ton in Ton - frame drum 56 cm

small frame drum

a small frame drum for children and practice rhythm, from 4 years old

This small frame drum is made like the gong drum. A light frame drum with a narrow frame and fine goat skin.

Good for simple rhythm and early musical education for children.

Or as a small, handy shaman's drum.

With a felt mallet

For children we also offer the children's drum or the small marching drum.

shamane drum

a very raff shamane drum with handle, skin from sheep, with stick and bag

This drum comes from India, has a wooden frame and is covered with thick cow skin. The cross handle is made from plaited leather. It comes complete with a leather drumstick.
The schamanen drum is available in the following diameter sizes: 30 cm, 36 cm, 41 cm, 46 cm, 51 cm and 56 cm.

Also we can offer the shamane drum with coloured skin in the sizes 36 cm and 41 cm diameter

shamane drum 46 cm


very light and small frame drum. can played like a shamane drum or with hands. The thin skin makes a vibrating sound like a gong

This frame drum is made from a wooden frame and a cross of leather, like the shamane drum, althought the Gong drum is covered with a thin goat skin. So it becomes a more light and vibrating sound like a gong.

We have this drum in the sizes 46 or 56 cm diameter, with or without tuning system

Every drum comes with a mallet and a bag

gong drum


The bodhran is the traditional irish drum, wooden frame with goat skin, tuneable or not tuneable, with tipper.

The Irish have kept up the tradition of the frame drum and even developed their own special technique of playing it - with a drumstick shaped like a bone, which they call the "tipper". The drum is covered with goat skin and can be played virtuosly ie: it "sings" in various tones.

The bodhran is available in the following diameter sizes: 41 cm and 46 cm.
The standard size is 46 cm. They come complete with drumstick and carrying bag.
A tuneable bodhran is available in the size of 46 cm.


the oceandrum sound like the sea, very nice for relaxing and dreaming

A wooden drum covered on both sides with goat skin and filled with small metal balls - just enough so that when the drum is hold horizontally and slightly tilted from side to side it causes a sound reminiscent of the ocean. This can be very calming.
Diameter 36 cm, 41 cm, 46 cm and 51 cm



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That is a special Tabor-pipe from Katalonien/ Espagna.
It has not 3 holes but 7 holes.
The left hand plays with three fingers the holes on the front and with thumb and the small finger two holes on the backside. .
The right hand plays the three holes downstairs for the deep notes.
So you can play two full octaves at this flute.
The Flaviol is made from Bubinga.

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Weepipe - medieval smallpipe

The weepipe is made in the same workshop like the Medieval-chanter and is compatible to it. Even it is the quiet Medieval-bagpipe.
Like the noisy Medieval-bagpipes tuned in a-flat.
The pipes are made from black plastic, the bag is leather.
If you just have the Medieval-chanter, and you want to learn now to play the bagpipe, so the bagpipe is available without the chanter.

We also offer the "Sackpfeifenfibel", a practice book for this bagpipe.

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Turned on the handle, the balls on the ribbons hit the drum skins. Played slowly it can have a calming effect, with a fast tempo it becomes a loud drumming which attracts attention.

in different sizes, wood with goatskin

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