Metal sounds

metal sound from gongs, singing bowls, wind chimes or cymbals

Metal sounds

Vibrant sounds from singing bowl, gong, cymbal or wind chimes

In the beginning was the Word.
The word is sound.
No one can escape the sound.
Be it the words of the other, the music, be it engines or the noise of the weapon.

There are sounds that harden and remove us from our inner balance.
And there are sounds that can bring these weights into balance.

The sounds and vibrations of the gongs, singing bowls or wind chimes can do this.
The spherical sounds evoke memories of our earthly and cosmic origins.

Vibrating metal can be found in singing bowls, cymbals, chime bars, gongs and also in wind chimes.

Cymbals as very small instruments have very bright sounds. They are often used to set a signal tone or to wake up, e.g. after a mediation.

The chime bars, even called zenergy chimes, are similar in sound. A single massive metal rod that is suspended swinging and struck with a mallet.

Small singing bowls sound as bright as cymbals. Japanese Zen singing bowls are characterized by a very pure sound. The mini singing bowls are finer and more delicate.
With singing bowls the sounds vary whether it is a machine made singing bowl or hand hammred singing bowl. Rotated singing bowls, such as the Tibetan singing bowls, have more bright sounds than hammered singing bowls such as the singing bowls from Nepal.

The gongs also come in different shapes and sizes. From small table gongs from 17 cm in diameter to large feng or the heavier tam-tam. The shining sound of a sun gong is also very beautiful.

But if you don't want to take the mallet into your own hand, the wind chimes are recommended and you can let the wind sound the melodies.


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They are made with rubberstrings and elastic..

  • Pangi - large thick fruits, deep sound
  • Juju - large thin fruits
  • Kemiri - small thin fruits
  • chacha - small hard fruits, light sound like water

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tibetian singing bowl

The tibetian singing bowls are not embossed, but founded singing bowls.

Founded singing bowls always have a more light sound than a embossed singing bowl same size.

Cause the even found and than turned on a turning lathe, this singing bowls have an even stuctur. The soun is even swinging. Cause the heavy thick sides, this bowls starts easy to sing while rub with the stick. For this you rub with a wooden or a leather covered stick outside on the top of the bowl with even pressure and speed, that the bowl starts to swing in the harmonics.. A spharic, standing, intensiv sound.

We have tibetian singing bowls in sizes from 8 cm to 17 cm diamter. This are weights from 200 g to 1400 g.

In the outside are stylized sanskrit signes founded, in the bottom can be founded a relief of Buddha.

Every singing bowl is inclusive a pad and stick.

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we offer the sound bars in two variants

simple energy-chimes

relativ thin bars as single note, with two different notes or three notes..

The bars are hanged up in the air on a woodblock.

The singel note is tuned in Mi



The zenergy chimes have larger bars, so the sound becomes more penetrant.

The single sound bar is available in the tunings La (A) or high Mi (E).

Also as a triad with three bars


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