200 years ago portugues emigrants came to Hawaii.
They have their "Gitarra" with them, a small string instrument which today is played in Portugal together with the "Viola", an instrument like the spanish guitar., in Fado..
From the guitara in Hawaii developed the Ukulele.

This instrument has 4 strings.
The ancient tuning is A - D - Fis - H (Sopran)
But international now it is used to tune like G - C - E - A .
We have three types of the Ukulele:
A simple model (left)- bottom and frame from lime, top from nato, Farbe natural brown
with design (right) - top with ornament
light (middle)- top made from massive pine
Ukulele, einfach, schwarzUkulele, FichtendeckeUkulele, Fichtendecke

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