Traveller Dulcimer

The Traveller-Dulicmer is a small guitar instrument.

The origen of this instrument is from the north american Dulcimer, which is similar to the european Epinette or Scheitholt.. The original Dulcimer is played like a zither on a table.

This Traveller Dulcimer has a smaller body with neck anbd is played like a gutar in front of the body.

It is 65 cm length, 12 cm width and 4 cm depth.

This instrument has 3 strings. There are different tunings possible, but best is a tuning in quints in G, like G - C - G.

The frets are diatonic, like a scale without half-m?otes.

Because the tuning in quints it is possible to play melodies with open strings or simple accords.

The body is a little bit convex, made from one piece of wood. The sound hole is made very fine decorated.

The instrument is with a simple bag..

Traveller Dulcimer

Traveller Dulcimer

Traveller Dulcimer Detail



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