guitar luth / travelling guitar



The guitar for reenactment and Larp.

This instrument has the modern gutiar tuning and the optic of a rennaissance luthe.

Because the same tuning like a guitar it is even the same to play. But the body is convex like the body of a luthe. This makes a softer sound.

The body is made from massive wooden rips, the sound hole is decorated exceptional.

We have two variants:

The smaller guitar-luthe has a body of 45 cm length, 26 cm width und 14 cm depth. The rips are from light wood, The sound hole and the head are a little bit more simple.

The larger guitar-luthe has a body of 50 cm length, 32 cm width und 18 cm depth. The rips are from light and dark wood alternating, the sound hole is fine decorated and the head with carving.

Gitarrenlaute Gitarrenlaute-gross

The smaller guitar-luthe


The larger guitar-luthe



Travelling Guitar

A 6 string guitar with small body.
The tuning is like a guitar, even the body is smaller, so it is best for travelling. .
With A strong bag, to carry in Hand or at the back.




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New calender 2018

At on tour you can see all the festivals and events, where we will be this year with our instruments.

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