Appalachian Dulcimer

the traditional instrument of folcmusic in north america


In north america the appalacina dulcimer is envolved from european Scheitholt or Hummel from north Germany and is popular in the folcmusic. The Appalachian Dulcimer has 4 strings. The both high strings are tuned the same, the others are a quint and octave to the base note.

A typical tuning is d - a - d' - d'

The frets are diatonic.

Like a zither on a table or on the legs of the player, the strings could be plucked or striked. You touch just one string or all three together for example with a bamboostick. Typical it is played with a bottleneck, to slide between the frets. Cause the tuning in quints you can play with open strings and bordun or accords.

Apalachian DulcimerApalachian Dulcimer


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