tibetian singing bowl

heavy founded singing bowl, tibetian style

The tibetian singing bowls are not embossed, but founded singing bowls.

Founded singing bowls always have a more light sound than a embossed singing bowl same size.

Cause the even found and than turned on a turning lathe, this singing bowls have an even stuctur. The soun is even swinging. Cause the heavy thick sides,  this bowls starts easy to sing while rub with the stick. For this you rub with a wooden or a leather covered stick outside on the top of the bowl with even pressure and speed, that the bowl starts to swing in the harmonics.. A spharic, standing, intensiv sound.

We have tibetian singing bowls in sizes from 8 cm to 17 cm diamter. This are weights from 200 g to 1400 g.

In the outside are stylized sanskrit signes  founded, in the bottom can be founded a relief of Buddha.

Every singing bowl is inclusive a pad and stick.


size 1 ca. 250 g
size 2 ca. 350 g
size 3 ca. 700 g
size 5 ca. 1400 g

tibetische Klangschalen

tibetische Klangschale innen

tibetische Klangschale innen

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