A metal tongue drum.Hapi-drumHapi-slim

Similar to a steel drum the Hapi is made of a metal body, which is formed convex, not concave.
On the top of the metal body are cutted tongues, to play with mallets or hand.
Due to the spheroidal form the Hapi produce round vibrations, swinging a long time.

Following tunings we have in stock:
d-minor pentatonic. (D - F - G - A - C - D - F - G)

a-minor pentatonic (A - C - D - E - G - A - C - D)

F-major pentatonic (F - G - A - C - D - F - G - A).

By Pentatonic mood and the soft sounds of the vibrating, the Hapi suggests to improvise, to meditate or simply to dream.

sound Hapi d-minor

sound Hapi a-minor

sound Hapi F-major

Hapi Mini


A small version of the Hapi with higher sound ( ca. 20 cm diameter ).

8 notes pentatonic

in C-major (C - D - E - G - A - C - D - E),

D-major (D - E - Fis - A - H - C - D - E - Fis) or

D-akebono (D - E - F - A - B - D - E - F)

with bag and beater

example of sound Hapi Mini C-Dur

Hapi Mini in C-Dur

Hapi Mini C-Dur mit Tasche



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