Jews harp

Every generation re-discovers the jews harp. It comes from Asia and its origins can be traced back to pre-christian times.
Today its known in the alp-countries for a tradititonal instrument.

Maultrommeln We offer jews harps in 4 sizes, small ones for high sound and large for low sound. Each one comes with a booklet of instructions.

sound small jew harp

sound medium size jew harp

sound large jew harp

Dan Moi - Jews harp from Vietnam
Another form of the jews harp comes from Vietnam. Made from pure brass and especial slim.
Each one comes with a case from bamboo for security on travelling.
We offer them in small (light sound) and large (dark sound), and with a double tongue

sound Standard

sound Bass

sound Double tongue

Dan MoiDanmoi
Dan-Moi Doppelzüngig

Jew harps from russia

A traditional jew harp from russia.

The frame is made from profiled brass, the spoon is a good spring steel, made well precise. Because the very fine exact work and good material this jew harp is easy to play and produce a full sound.

This jew harp comes with a wooden box, fixed with aleather string, to protect the spoon.

3 sizes are available.

russische Maultrommelrussische Maultrommelrussische Maultrommel

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