cymbels with high sound, from brass or heavy bronce, for meditation, signal, awakening, ...

Indian cymbals

simple style
brass turning work, a pair on a string in two sizes 5 cm and 7cm diameter


heavy style

with design, founded, in two sizes

soundl small cymbals

sound large cymbals

einfache indische Zimbeln

schwere indische Zimbeln gross

Zimbeln Standardprogramm
indische schwere Zimbeln

tibetian Temple cymbals
Heavy cymbals from bronze. because the special composition of the bronze, the cymbals get a long vibrating light sound. we have small cymbals (diameter ca. 6,5 cm) simple smooth or with ornamentation and large (diameter 7,5 cm) without ornamentation.

sound small cymbals

sound medium size

sound large cymbals

tibetische Zimbeln kleinTibetische Zimbeln gross


Finger cymbals
Between middle-finger and thumb they are played with one hand.
Well known as accompany the oriental dance.
with rubber loop, ca. diameter.
Fingerzimbeln Fingerzimbeln

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New calender 2018

At on tour you can see all the festivals and events, where we will be this year with our instruments.

chinese wind-instruments

We have some chinese wind-instruments new in stock: Hulusi, Dizi, Xiao, Bawu

Native indian flute

We have the native Indianflute now in three styles : simple with high pitch, simple with deep pitch and as a doubleflute