The chinese traverse flute with special sound-effect

Dizi is a traditional chinese travers flute.
This flute has a special: between the mouth hoe and the finger holes is a hole, which is closed with a ricepaper.
This paper starts to vibrate while playing and chages the sound to a vibrating timbre.
The fingering is like typical six-hole flutes, playable about two octaves.
We offer this flute in two qualities and differents tonalities.

In china the declaration of tonality is different to europe. They don't sign the deepest note, but the note at the third hole from the bottom. That means a flute in chinese F is C-major (deepest note C).

We have a simple Dizi, black vanished light bamboo, one part

and a good quality Dizi: bitter bamboo, red string winding, two parts, with luck-knot and bag

Please ask which tonalities are actually available.


sound of  Di-Zi




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