Double reed instruments


The very oldest reed instrument in our culture is the shalmei, from which the contamporary oboe and fagott derive.
The main feature of the shalmei is its funnel-shaped body into which the reed consisting of two membranes is attached. The vibrations of these membranes is what causes the typical loud squeaky sound.
Various different kinds of double reed instruments have been developed in European and Asian countries.

We offering following double reed instruments:
Gaita - spanish bagpipe
Punteira - the chanter of Gaita with wind-cap
Cornamuse - a soft shalmei
Hu-Lu-Si - chineses borduninstrument
Bombarde - traditional bretonic Shalmei
Chanter - the practice chanter for the scottish bagpipe
Mizmer - ägyptian Shalmei
Mukha-Veena, Shenai - indian Shalmei
So-Na - chinese Shalmei


Punteira is the spanish name of the chanter of the Gaita, the spanish bagpipe.
With a wind-cap on the reed you can play the chanter like a shalmei.
These instruments are made in high quality and exactly tuned like the Gaitas. With the very thin reeds they are playing easily.
Like the Gaita, we offer the punteira in Do from Ash. If you are interested ask for other kinds in Re or Sib, or different woods.
sound Punteira - scala
sound Punteira - melody

Mizmer, egyptian shalmei

A reed instrument which is to be found in similar forms throughout North Africa and of the Near East (Turkish surna). The relatively thick reeds have to be soaked in water; only then can they produce the characteristic strong earthy shalmei sound which brings to mind a snake charmer.

indian Shalmei

The large Indian shalmei is called a Nagaswaram, the smaller version a Mukha-veena. Both have thick reeds and have a noisy, penetrant sound.
sound Mukha-veena
  Mukha-Veena, indian shalmei

chinese So-Na

The Chinese oboe or So-Na is made out of a wooden body and a large metal funnel. Due to its relatively small and thin reeds it produces a softer sound then either the Mizmer and Indian shalmei.
sound So-na, large
chinese So-Na


New calender 2018

At on tour you can see all the festivals and events, where we will be this year with our instruments.

chinese wind-instruments

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