The chalumeau is a predecessor of the clarinet. Its French name originated from the barock period. The technique of producing a sound using a simple reed was developed a few hundred years earlier.
The chalumeaux is played in the same way as the clarinet or saxophon but requires less air and lip pressure to produce its soft, low purring sound. It is appealing and easy to learn.
The instrument is tuned in the key of C ( Do) and can be played chromatically. The fingering is the same as for a soprano recorder.

sound scale

Chalumeau songbook

We are offering for the Chalumeau a songbook with 28 meldoies. Songs, dances and oriental melodies exspecially prepared for the Chalumeau. index of the songbook
Chalumeau songbook


The Clariphon is a further develop of the Chalumeau.
With a different fingering and one more hole for the left samll finger is the Clariphon playabel on two octaves..
The Clariphon is tuned like the Chalumeau in Do.
We offer the Clariphon in Bubinga and in boxtree.
A bag and a cap fpr the mouthpiecs are inclusive. fingering




New calender 2018

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chinese wind-instruments

We have some chinese wind-instruments new in stock: Hulusi, Dizi, Xiao, Bawu

Native indian flute

We have the native Indianflute now in three styles : simple with high pitch, simple with deep pitch and as a doubleflute