Bawu is a traditional chinese wind-instrument. The special sound comes from a metal tongue.


The Bawu is a traditional chinese wind-instrument

This instrument is mad efrom bamboo, the sound comes from a metal tongue. This metal tongue is like the mtongues of a mouthharp. The sound is soft humming. The notes and melodies are played by six finger holes.

To play the Bawu you keep it like a travers flute. Simple you just blow through the metal tongue. The oral cavity should be like a air-chamber, and blow even and medium strong. The technic is similar to the Hulusi . So what at the Hulusi is the gourd, here it is your mouth.

At chinese wind-instruments the tonality is signed at the third hole. That means a flute in chinese F has the deepest note C, so it plays in C-major.

We offer the Bawu in two tonalities:

  • chinese G (sol), deepest note D (d-major/e-minor)
  • chinese F(fa), deepest note C (c-major/d-minor)

The Bawu has two parts and the head is designed with chinese poems.

To the Bawu belongs a chinese luck-knot and a hardcase.

Fingering charts:

example of sound scale

example of sound melody




Bawu - Detail


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