Gaita Gallega - spanish bagpipe

The gaita are bagpipes which are traditionally played in spain. They are mostly made with one Bordun, sometimes with two. The pipes give a loud, relatively warm, pleasing sound.
The instruments we offer have one Bordun, a pipe in Do (C) and a 'goretex' bag covered in velvet in traditional Basque colours. The pipe is played using a wooden reed, and is very easy to master, making these bagpipes ideal for beginners.
We also offer the gaita with two borduns. They are made from strong wood. In case of interest please contact us. fingering chart
Also we are offering only the chanter of the Gaita called punteira. It is to play like a shalmei.

for training the Gaita we offer a Chanter with not noisy sound.



melody 1

melody 2

melody 3

Gaita with 2 Borduns

Gaita in Akoga

Gaita de Gemec

An other kind of Gaita comes from Katalonia in Northwest of Spain.
The Gaita de Gemec is made from Bubinga, the bag is leather..
It is tuned in Do, with one bordun.
The sound is a little bit stronger than the Gaita Gallega.


Gaita de Gemec Gaita de Gemec

The Weepipe

The weepipe is made in the same workshop like the Medieval-chanter and is compatible to it. Even it is the quiet Medieval-bagpipe.
Like the noisy Medieval-bagpipes tuned in a-flat.
The pipes are made from black plastic, the bag is leather.
If you just have the Medieval-chanter, and you want to learn now to play the bagpipe, so the bagpipe is available without the chanter.
sound scale
melody 1
melody 2

For the Weepipe we recommend "Die Sackpfeifenfibel - ein Lehrbuch für den mittelalterlichen Dudelsack" (german).


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