travers flutes


Simple Travers-flute made from reed, in same intonation like the Tin-Whistle or the irish Travers-flute with 6 holes. fingering
tuneabel about two octaves.
Made for beginning of travers flute playing or for traditional music.
In different intonations from high Sol up to the low Re.
high intonations: Sol, Fa#, Fa, Mi, Re#, Re, Do#, Do, Si and Sib
low intonations: La, Sol#, Sol, Fa, Mi and Re

The large flutes are a little bit difficult of fingering and they are not playable with small hands.

Reed travers flutes

sound of travers flute high mi

sound o ftravers flute in la

sound of travers flute  in deep Fa


Di-Zi - chinese travers flute

The Di-Zi is a traditional chinese travers flute
The special ist, this flute has a hole between the hole for blowing and the holes for the fingers. This hole is closed with a piece of rice-paper. This paper vibrate when playing.
So it produce a special sound.
The fongering is like the 6-hole flutes, playing in two octaves.
We offer this flute in following tunings:

C, D, B and low G


sound of Di-Zi

Dizi Detail

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