simple panflutes for children, large for deep sound and prfofessional panflutes from Italy

Who doesn't know the dreamiful sound of the panflute.


Panflutes from Peru in a good quality and easy to play.

This flutes come from small craftshops in Peru and they are fair trade. This keeps the old craft-art and gives the people a small income and subsistence with old tradition.

small Indio-Panflute

The small panflute is 16 cm in length and has 10 notes.

kleine Panflöte aus Peru, 10 Rohre

small Indio-Panflute, bowed

This panflute with13 notes is 15 cm in length.

The pipes are fixed in a bow.

Panflöte aus Peru, gebogen 13 Töne

large Indio-Panflute

The large Indio-panflute is 31 cm in length and has 18 notes. it has a deep warm sound.

grosse Panflöte aus Peru, 13 Töne

professionel Panflutes

We offer good quality and exactly tuned Panflutes, which are easy to play.
Even beginners learn fast to play this flutes.
This Panflutes are made in the Alpes in old traditional art.

The small Panflute has 10 notes: C - D#
The large Panflute has 15 notes: G - G

small Panflute

large Panflute

kleine Panflötegrosse Panflöte


New calender 2018

At on tour you can see all the festivals and events, where we will be this year with our instruments.

chinese wind-instruments

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Native indian flute

We have the native Indianflute now in three styles : simple with high pitch, simple with deep pitch and as a doubleflute